Monday, December 10, 2007

New Items Up

I spent the day sewing away and am very excited about these new products. Felt pins! Just in time for the winter weather, they are perfect for pinning on a nice, warm winter coat or even a bag or your shirt!

Here's also a new take on the popular bicycle patch:

I used to not be much of a pin person, but these are changing my mind about the whole thing! They're very addicting to make! I also did a few stump pins, which will be up soon. All the pins shown are available at our Etsy shop, so take a look!

Monday, December 3, 2007

A Week in the Maine Woods

We went to Bar Harbor, Maine/Acadia National Park for our honeymoon this past September. Such a beautiful place with great trails and views...not to mention the trees! We hiked many of the trails, ate the local food, and took in the natural beauty. Here's some photos from our trip which have greatly inspired our work:

Our favorite stone pebble beach that no one ever seemed to be on when we went.

Jordan Lake Pond with the "Bubbles" in the background.

Close up of granite pebbles on the beach...beautiful colors!