Friday, May 20, 2011

the felt!

You may remember me gushing about this book on this post.

After completing two additional african violets, I finally made my way to the campfire.  Who doesn't love a good campfire?  They really go hand in hand with the summer season.  Here is the finished result:

First, I sewed the three logs.  Each log has hand embroidered "knots" for a more realistic appearance.

Surprisingly, these went pretty fast.  I enjoyed free embroidering the bark lines and was surprised by how much they resembled logs after being sewn up and stuffed.  Quite frankly, I could've stopped there.   (I do have plans in my head of doing an original tree stump in the near future!)

Here's the three finished logs all sewn and stuffed.

Next, came the final piece, the flame.  I opted for standard fire colors of bright yellow, orange, and red.  The flame is actually three separate pieces with three different colors per piece.  

Here's a close up of the flame.  Each felt piece is blanket stitched around the edges and together.  I used red thread for all the colors instead of matching the felt for a little added detail.  Crazy, I know.

Here's a shot from above, showing the three sections sewn together.  The directions have you gluing the three complete flame sections together and then sewing the edges together.  I found the glue to be rather messy and well, my fabric glue was rock hard.  So I skipped this step for the most part.  Instead of gluing, I just used some trusty sewing pins and pinned the three finished flame pieces together and stitched the edges to join everything.  I found this to work great.  

Another view of the three sides.

Overall, I really love this project.  It's easy (I found it a lot easier and faster to finish then the african violets...although, I did make 3 of the violets in a fairly short amount of time, so I may have just really liked the change!)

All that's missing is the s'mores! (Which actually there is a project for them in the book too!)  This would be fun to put in a fireplace you don't use or in a corner of a room.  Maybe even outside for a little non working fire pit for a summer gathering.


Maya said...

hi, im in love with the campfire, i hope you will reply, i wonder what you put for the base of the fire, can the fire stand on its own? thanks!!

Tributary said...

Hi Maya,
The fire piece can stand on its own. Basically to make the fire, you do this: make a flame shape out of red, orange, and yellow felt. You will sew the piece of yellow flame to the orange flame and then sew the orange flame (with the attached yellow flame) to the big red flame piece. You will make three of this sides.
When you sew the three flame sides together, you kind of end up making a "y" shape. Each flame back is sort of divided in half between the two other flame pieces. (The picture I have from above on the flame shows this best!)
I hope this makes sense! Thanks for your comment!

Loredana said...

Wow i love this. Well done :)