Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer on the Porch

A little bit ago, K and I went to Ikea to look around for a desk for his art studio. We came across their outdoor furniture section and fell in love with this four piece set. After carefully making sure it would fit in our hatchback, we set our sights on setting it up and all the great meals we'd eat out on our back porch. I must admit, I bought the set really for the bench seat. I've wanted a good bench for a while, and loved this one. The entire set cost what I've seen just a good wooden bench cost. The large chairs are really comfortable as well.

The bistro like chairs didn't come with the set. But did come from Ikea as well.

My favorite seat.

A shot at dusk.

Friday, July 16, 2010

maine and...sunburn

Kinsey and I have been going to Maine every year since we've been married. Our very first time, we went to the wonderful Acadia National Park on the beautiful island of Mount Desert. Unfortunately, our schedules don't really allow us to take a longer trip like that right now, so we haven't had the chance to go back yet. (Next year seems like the year, though!) Nonetheless, we've still manage to enjoy the rocky Maine coast and view in another great and closer area in Maine...(although I have yet to find a location in Maine I haven't fell in love with). The past three years we've been staying in the Portland area. Cape Elizabeth is a favorite of ours and we've spent lots of time just sitting along the coast, collecting stones and shells, sketching, and looking out at the ocean.
This past trip was very relaxing and inspiring....and well, hot. Everyday except the very last day, was in the mid to upper 90's. It definitely put a limited on the amount of hiking we did. Our massive sunburn that we got on the VERY first day at the beach also didn't help things.

Kinsey is a tiny speck among the rocks along the coast.

Me looking for sea glass among the rocks.

One of my favorite things to do in Maine is take photos and look at the tide pools. The colors are very inspiring and beautiful. Here's one picture I took near Two Lights State Park. (Mere minutes before eating what I consider (and many, many others) the BEST lobster roll in Maine at Two Lights Lobster Shack.)

This was taking at dusk in the harbor in Portland. I can see an embroidery piece in the future based on this photo.

This was taken at a super quick detour to York Harbor on our way back home. We first discover York Harbor last year and didn't have a chance to go back and spend more time on this trip. We did stop and put our feet in the water before getting started on our 9 hour drive home. This of course did three things: 1 -Made it incredibly hard to leave. The water was actually a decent temperature for Maine and felt so refreshing. 2 - Made us realize why we keep coming back to Maine and everything we love about it. 3 - Made us get sand over every area in our car. I were my flats I wear almost everyday out on the sand and as a result a never ending supply of luscious, white, Maine sand keeps coming out of my shoes.....of course I'm not complaining. Any reminder of Maine is a good one!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


In between picking and processing the many fruits and veggies of the season, I realized that my everyday purse was, well, a little autumn like. Dark brown and green made up the bag and the inside was a dark (and quite messy) mess. I'm on of those people who can put something into a bag and it becomes lost among the growing collection of pens and gum wrappers. I'd really like to try to keep a neater bag, so I thought a new one was in order. A few years ago, I got this great screenprinted linen and never knew what to make with it. I loved the mossy green color and the flower print. I decided this with my current favorite sea green canvas would be a perfect combination.

A square bottom is essential. I used to be real big into tote bags, then I discovered how easy a more shaped bag can be. This one took a hour in the evening and another hour the next day.

I love the contrast in the yellow lining.

I will keep this bag neater. I will not leave trash in it. I will not keep a stash of pens in it.

A great, new summer bag just in time for our trip to.......Maine. :)