Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer on the Porch

A little bit ago, K and I went to Ikea to look around for a desk for his art studio. We came across their outdoor furniture section and fell in love with this four piece set. After carefully making sure it would fit in our hatchback, we set our sights on setting it up and all the great meals we'd eat out on our back porch. I must admit, I bought the set really for the bench seat. I've wanted a good bench for a while, and loved this one. The entire set cost what I've seen just a good wooden bench cost. The large chairs are really comfortable as well.

The bistro like chairs didn't come with the set. But did come from Ikea as well.

My favorite seat.

A shot at dusk.


juliette said...

Hi Beth!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your porch furniture and your blog and your etsy shop. You and Kinsey live a lovely, peaceful, creative life!!!! Sigh. Happy, happy for you guys. Your sweet town and happy bookstore and garden and camping and arts. It is all we could ever wish for you! The life you are designing is what we everyone! Keep on inspiring us all!

juliette said...

oops...I meant "wish for everyone!" HA!