Here's a sampling of the work we do.

Clark the Soft Plush Boy Doll (2012)

Jaime the Soft Plush Boy Doll (2012)

Ella the Elephant Soft Plush (2012)

Animal Baby Quilt (2011)

The Mighty Ship (2011)

 The Great Escape (2010)

Hide and Seek (2011)

 The Orange Tent Clutch (2011)

You + Me Jelly Hoop (2011)

The Creek in the Woods Spring Flower Clutch (2011)

Study of Conifers (2010)

 Before the Storm (2010)

Acadia (and detail 2010)

Study of Eastern Hemlock (2010)

Poppies (2010)

Orange Tent in the Woods (Recycled Milk Cap Pendant) (2010)