Friday, April 2, 2010

Grow lettuce, grow

So I love the reality now that we have our own backyard and can build a garden or whatever we want. We'd like to make raised beds for our vegetables this year. Our backyard is on a slight slope, so we're hoping this will help level out the yard when we make them (hopefully this weekend). In the meantime, we remembered an article we saw last year on salad tables and decided to check it out again now that we have space.

We used the wonderful directions here to build it: . It's pretty easy to build and the supplies are easy to find all at Home Depot or such. A few things to keep in mind though. 1- Make sure the battery is charged on your drill or saw. We recently bought ours and this was our first project, so we never took them out to charge up. We had to wait a while to be able to really use them and lost our daylight time, which is why the next point happened. 2- When assemblng and stapling the window screening to the frame, it may be helpful to do this on a light colored surface. We attached ours down in our basement where there was a section of dark carpet. Needless to say, one of us accidentally stepped inside the frame and ripped the screen halfway out.

You will step on it or at least almost, trust me.

3- Make sure when buying the rolls of hardware cloth, you get the right size. I for whatever reason didn't double check the width and it ended up being 10 inches to short. This involved us running to Home Depot right as they were about to close for the correct size. After we got back, we were anxious to finish and #2 (see above) happened.

Aside for these minor setbacks, it was really fun to build. It was definitely excited to move it outside and fill it up with the soil. We planted 3 rows of a lettuce mixture on one side and 3 rows of spinach on the other side. I plan on planting more rows again in a week or two, once these seeds are up.

Halfway filled with dirt.

The finished salad bed!

Planting our rows of seeds.

Our markers for the rows.

Our spinach seeds, all ready to be planted.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring in our backyard

One of the things about buying a house in October is you never really get the chance to see what the outside is like in the warmer weather. So the past couple weeks have been quite exciting to see what sorts of flowers and plants are coming up. Here's a collection of photos I took recently.