Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Owls and Elephants and Animals....Oh my!


If you've checked out my shop recently, you've no doubt noticed I've been making some plush toys.  A LOT of plush toys.  I'm currently featuring plush owls and plush elephants, but am currently working on more or less  3 other designs of animals.  I really like the idea of making functional art and craft that can be played with, used, or just displayed.  (Not that the clutches I make can't be used, but they will never be as fun to play with as a plush animal.)

Each animal is listed in the shop with a name and a little bit about him or her.  

Above is Oliver.  He is now in California where his new owner is feeding his hot cocoa addiction.  

This is Elise.  Her hobbies include painting, drinking jasmine green tea, an finding vintage jewelry at thrift shops.

This is Olivia.  I found her belly fabric at Jo-Anns and it belongs to the Densye Schmidt line.  I used this fabric as soon as I got home, which is saying quite a bit.  I have a ton of fabric and find that I usually "reserve" my really great fabric for certain well planned out projects that may or may not ever happen.  I'm hoping to use some of this fabric for a quilt (the same quilt I've been saying I'm making for over a  year now), but couldn't resist making a few owls with this pattern.

Oh, and I'll be announcing my Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Two Week Special sale on Thanksgiving.   Get ready.

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