Saturday, February 18, 2012

the picture ledge is up....

The other weekend, Kinsey and I finally got around to putting something on the space above our bed.  We have two fabric panels on each side of our bed for a few reasons.  The previous owners' had a floor to ceiling curtain along this entire wall and they left that massive curtain hook in place.   I didn't like the whole wall being covered, but it did bring a major focus of the otherwise large and long room to the bed wall.  We also have a built in air conditioner unit to the right hand side of the bed.  We both hate how this looks and haven't used it in the 2.5 years we've been here.  I suppose we have either a high tolerance for heat or it hasn't really been super hot.  Or we might be crazy.  (It has gotten rather uncomfortable upstairs a few nights a year and we opted instead to set up camp downstairs in the living room.  This might seem crazy to some, but it's actually a fun change.  And our cooling bill in the summer is quite low.  We aren't full on crazy though, we do have a portable tower fan and a ceiling fan in the living room.)
Anyhow, the curtain panels serve mainly to block the unsightly air conditioner unit.  The large empty space in the middle has always bothered me a little.  

We purchased two of the Ribba picture ledges probably over 6 months ago or longer.  They just sat to the side of the bedroom waiting to be used.  We initially wanted to have them stacked two high behind our bed, but realized that we didn't have enough room to do that.  So we opted for just one.  (The second Ribba ledge still sits, waiting for its turn.)

This took all of about three minutes to hang.  Of course, it made us wonder why we've waited so long.

I just randomly threw some objects up on the ledge for now and will probably frequently change things out.  I was thrilled to finally have somewhere to properly display my fabric plush trees I got for Christmas a few years back from Kinsey.  The print beside the trees, is of Maymont Park in Richmond (one of our favorite places!)  by Art Shark.  

The lion/man/eskimo type print is from the wonderful company, Sukie.  The little bear card is from laura george.

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