Thursday, March 20, 2008

Brand New

Happy Spring!
Just the other day, I posted a brand new item that I'm particularly proud of......

The mini quilt!

This wasn't too far of a stretch from what I usually make. As anyone can tell just by looking at most of the clutches and bags in the shop, I enjoy layering and juxtaposing different fabrics. Also, I've been really into quilts the past year. I love looking at quilts in antique stores and flea markets. The types of fabrics and designs of older quilts are really inspiring. I also love looking through the Denyse Schmidt's quilt book I have. If you haven't seen the book, I strongly recommend that you pick a copy up. It's full of great quilting ideas that even beginners can do and it's not just all quilt projects. There's a beautiful patchwork scarf project in the book. The quilts are amazing and would look great in any home. Unfortunately, I have not made a full quilt yet. I've been wanted to for a while and even once bought certain fabrics that I would use for it, but never got around to making it.

I decided that while making a quilt for our bed might not be an option right now, I could make a miniature one to release that built up quilting energy. So this quilt came as a result. It's based off the little clutch series I've been doing lately and features the forest floor. The entire quilt is about 8 inches in size and is completely hand sewn. I thought hand sewing and embroidering would make it a really special piece and the end result I think made it worth it. The whole process was very relaxing to do and I was able to sew most of it in my living room on my favorite chair. It was a really nice change of project to do and I can't wait to start a new one soon. I'd love to hear what you think of this addition. Thanks and enjoy!


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ThePeachTree said...

Love this! So creative :)