Friday, May 16, 2008 and old.

This past weekend, we headed to our local flea market for the first time this season. While the flea market here isn't exactly the best, it does have some good stands and good finds. The fabric supply seemed to be a little lacking this week, but I did manage to find this really nice old paper coasters. They all came in a bag together and had a total of about 75 or so coasters in 6 different prints. My favorites are the trees:

And these two great Pennsylvania Dutch motif ones:

I really like the images on these coasters a lot. I'm not exactly sure what I plan on doing with them, but I'm sure something great will come of it!

I must have had coasters on the mind, because on my crafty Monday this week I made some fabric coasters. Here's the final product:

The red floral print I found a couple of years ago in my crafts classroom in school and snatched it up in a second. The print is really beautiful.

I also picked up a few, oregano, and basil. I had tried growing mint from seed, but that didn't seem to go too well for some reason, so I was really happy to pick up an already grown plant.


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