Friday, September 19, 2008

New Fall Items in Shop!

Who doesn't love this time of year? The days are getting cooler, the trees are hinting at their autumn colors, pumpkins are popping up all over the place, and so much more. The weather lately here in Pennsylvania has been in the mid to low seventies, and while that's not exactly cool, it definitely is a great change from the hot and humid summer weather.

The first offical day of fall is this Monday at 11:44 am. (This also happens to be Kinsey and I's first anniversary!) That being said, I've been thinking of lots of things fall related recently. Hot apple cider, soup, pumpkins, collecting leaves, sweaters, autumn walks, apples, and more. Fall is my favorite time of year and nature is definitely in it's best.

I just finished the first clutch for fall in my forest floor series. It's called Fall in the Forest Pt 1. I like the contrasting colors used and I've been really inspired by the sharp angle of the tree on the far left of the clutch.

Stitching close up.

It reminds me of fall nights and how beautiful everything looks. The composition of the changing colors and smell of leaves is completely refreshing. I plan on doing a number more of fall scenes in the next couple days. I like the idea of focusing on the changing seasons with the forest floor clutches. I alreadly have some really great ideas for winter.

Another new item in our shop, is pincushions. I've been making these to showcase some of the really great fabrics I've been gathering. I will probably be giving a lot of these out as gifts for the holiday season this year. They're really fun to make and I like the combinations of buttons on the top of the pincushions. Here's some pictures:

On a side note, as I've previously mentioned, Monday is our anniversary. We will be taking a little vacation to Maine/New Hampshire again. This time we're not going to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park (hopefully we will again in two years!), but are instead planning to spend more time in Portland and the surrounding areas. Last year when we went, we found ourselves passing through on a Monday, and a lot of the places we wanted to check out were closed. This time we're going to be the Wednesday through Friday, so we're really excited. We're also planning to stay a few days in Portsmouth, New Hampshire again. So that being said, next week there won't be any new listings until maybe next Sunday evening (September 28). I'll be posting a few more new things tomorrow and Sunday. Happy Friday!


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pomegranates said...

these are sweet little pincushions!