Friday, November 21, 2008

New Ornaments and Clutches

Here's some of the new ornaments I've been working on.

Two Trees Set:


I really like the idea of decorating your Christmas tree in natural, handmade things. Objects like mushrooms, tree stumps and such are all things that can be found in the forest, so it's kind of like you're bringing even more of nature into your house with your trees. The campfire reminds me of nature, too. It's a crucial part of your summer camping trips. This ornaments would really be great on a tree that's decorated with some dried, pressed leaves and some small pinecones.

Another new clutch I just finished is this one:

It was inspired by driving by farmer fields in the summer. The lines and colors are really beautiful and anyone who appreciates
where your food comes would like the clutch.

Here's a close up of the field. If you look closely, you can see little heads of lettuce.

Hope you have a good weekend!


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