Thursday, August 26, 2010

bedroom take 2...

So, Kinsey and I have been on the path to improving our bedroom. Gone are the cold, harsh, white walls.  Not too long ago, we made the room changing paint color (read about it here) and have been trying to find time to tackle a few more issues... (like hiding the hideous built in air conditioner).   Our window treatments were pretty basic.  No curtains (I've had a pack of really nice brown ones for months and months, but haven't actually put them up yet.  Why?  I really don't have a good answer.), just white apartment grade blinds.  They blinds were functional and served their purpose, but we longed for something a bit more exciting.  We've often looked at the blinds on our weekly home improvement store trips, but held off getting them because we kept measuring wrong.  (We were convinced our windows measured 26", but of course this isn't a standard size, so no blinds would fit.  Then one day, it just clicked....the windows were in fact 27", we somehow had constantly measured wrong.)  So we picked up two packs of dark brown bamboo shades for our coastal blue room.  

I'm not going to pretend that this pictures are good.  They're not.  However,  it does give off the overall feeling.  Things we learned in the process:
1- Read how to measure for blinds and actually measure that way.  It's quite simple.
2- Blinds really do make a huge difference.
3-Pull down and to the right on the cord to open, down and to the left on the cord to close.  Or is that backwards....Kinsey will be sure to tell me if it's wrong.  (Okay, well I was the only one who learned this step.  Kinsey is a blind expert.)

Total cost:
$25 per bamboo blind = $50

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