Friday, September 3, 2010

could it be any easier...?

I love cooking dinner. But like everyone, I don't often have much time to prepare much more than boiling water for a quick pasta or making an egg. Despite this, I really enjoy checking out different cookbooks from our local library. One such book that I've gotten out plenty of times is:

It's such a great book with some really delicious sounding meals. I always have been intrigued with puff pastry, but never used it. I knew it was something similar to a phyllo dough, which is something I use every time I make spanakopita (mmm...). Anyhow, I was glancing in the book, "A Year in the Vegetarian Kitchen" and stumbled across a recipe called "Easiest Roasted Vegetable Tart" that involved puff pastry.

Essentially I cut some zucchini, broccoli, and onion - roasted them in the oven with salt and pepper - tossed them with olive oil and basil- unrolled puff pastry to square- put roasted veggies on pastry leaving a small border on a sides- bake in oven.

If you never worked with puff pastry, you'll be amazed how it "puffs up"....hence the name.

See that puffiness up there? Amazing. It tasted wonderful and Kinsey and I are completely hooked on it. Next up, maybe a baked apple tart?

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