Wednesday, September 22, 2010

our anniversary...and jellyfish!

Today is Kinsey and I's 3rd anniversary. So this past weekend, we decided to do a series of fun and relaxing things. We took a trip to Baltimore on Monday and went somewhere we've wanted to go for a while now......the Baltimore Aquarium!
In case anyone is planning a trip here, Mondays are a great day to go. We ran into zero school field trips and overall it wasn't too packed. We saw all the different exhibits and a lot of fun fish like this one.....

However, our absolute favorite exhibit was a temporary jellyfish room they have.  It's called "Jellies Invasion".  The aquarium's website has a fun section on the exhibit here.
I took some of the best pictures I ever have of the jellies.  The contrast between light and dark really turned out beautifully.  We had a good time watching them swim in the huge tanks and spent a great deal of time in this room.  

Here's some upside down jellyfish.

Looks kind of like a sun print, huh?  All the stringy tentacles just float around like this.

This one reminds me of space.  Kind of like those satellite photos you see of planets.

The last two are my favorites from the day.  I loved the tank with these jellies in.  The colors ranged from a really soft peach to a deep red.  The contrast of the background really makes them jump out. 

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Justine said...

We just went on Thursday and we loved it, too! What a great place. Definitely going to have to go there more often. We are in Berkeley Springs, WV, about 2 hours west of B'more. Maybe we can meet up sometime!