Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Ongoing Quest for Fabric and the Shirt of my Dreams

This past week, I found some really great fabrics for a few projects I've had in mind.  Above is my newest fabric additions.  The past couple times I've went, I've been really drawn to the "artist series" of fabrics they are carrying.  Last year I bought some of this fabric by Heidi Grace.  My usually crafting style doesn't really feature too much fabric that has busy prints.  I'm usually drawn towards small prints and not too overall distracting from the main color.  However, I often really find great fabrics with lots of color and big prints, but can't usually find a good use for them in my day to day sewing.  Maybe I'm just plain in my choices.  Or maybe I just prefer small prints.  Anyhow, I have yet to use the yard I got of this fabric, but I love it. 

Speaking of of big prints, I absolutely loved this one I found!  It's very similar to fabric that Ikea offers.  I like the flowers, birds, and nature inspired designs.  I'm definitely planning at least one pillow and another very exciting project with this one!

This fruit fabric definitely has a retro vibe going, but I think it will be really fun to use for kitchen textiles.  Maybe a few pot holders and kitchen towels?  It also would make a really nice and graphic pillow.  (Yes, pillows are a new favorite thing of mine.)

The whole reason I even went to the fabric store wasn't to stock up on fabric (which kind of happened anyway), but to find suitable shirt material.  Last summer, I made a few sewing goals.  The goals included making a dress (I even bought 2 or 3 patterns) and making a blouse.  I didn't make the dress (I did cut out 80% of the pattern pieces) and I made a few attempts at a simple tank with shirring.  The tank wasn't really what I wanted.  I think it might have been okay, but the fabric just wasn't right.  It seemed  little too stiff.  It seems to be really difficult for me to find the type of fabric I want for my shirt.  I like my summer shirts to be pretty thin, soft, and usually a simple print.  I have a few shirts I bought that have the exact material I want, which just seems to be 100% cotton or a cotton/silk blend.  But the only fabric at the store that's even close to the same feel I want, is either too silky or the silky/polyester/see through material.  All the 100% cottons are really stiff, even after repeated washings.  So I guess my question is, where can I find suitable shirting fabric that is lightweight and in nice prints?  

Until I find it, I figured I should start practicing.  So the top 2 fabrics in my new fabric stack and the purple gingham (which is almost the exact feel of the fabric I want, just not really the ideal print) are my practice fabrics. 

The pattern for this shirt I found last year on the Sew Mama Sew.
I love the the style of the shirt and the pleated details of the back.  Why isn't it easier to find shirts like this one in the stores?

So, I'll be practicing with my fabric and keep checking the stores until I find "the" lightweight summer shirt material I want.

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