Tuesday, May 15, 2012

we love free things!

Last Saturday, we went to Art Star Craft Bazaar in Philadelphia.  There was so much great things for sale!  I set a strict limit and only ended up buying a fabric headband. One of the great things about this show is that they give out free goodie bags that contain samples, coupons, and all kinds of fun stuff to the first 150 people on each day.   We obviously always make it a point to be one of those lucky people.  
Kinsey looked in his bag and discovered this:

Yeah!  From what I heard only 10 out of the 300 goodie bags contained these gift certificates.  I'm already eyeing up some of the awesome things I could...I mean, Kinsey, could get with this!

And here's my headband I purchased:

I actually was kind of surprised I decided to buy this because I'm not really a headband person...except when I'm working outside and want my hair out of my face.  But even then I just use a thin plain black elastic one.  This one features all kinds of nice vintage printed fabric.

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