Thursday, May 24, 2012

what sound do giraffes make?

I have no idea what the answer to that is.  However, I know I've been working on this giraffe design off and on for a few months.  And here one is...hiding in my sedum.  

And here's another one.  This might be my current favorite fabric I have recently "rediscovered".  I have quite a bit of it as well.  I'm considering maybe using it to craft myself a garment.  We'll see.

Overall, I'm really happy with the final design of these giraffes.  I initially had planned on making them more "giraffe" like - out of yellow fleece with brown spots.  They looked good like that of the main things I like about creating softies is playing with fabric designs.  I love brightly colored and fun printed fabric and these giraffes are a perfect way to show off some great patterns.  Will I ever make a yellow fleece giraffe like I initially envisioned?   I probably will sometime.  But I'm really enjoying using some of my bolder fabrics right now.  

Each giraffe has a few ribbon tabs for their mane and one for their tail.  These mark my first softies that are free standing on their own.  I really wanted the legs to be sturdy and smooth and able to support the body.   And they do.

These will start to be available in my shop this Friday (tomorrow!).  

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