Monday, April 28, 2008

Flea Market Time...

This past weekend, we headed to Renningers's Antique and Flea Market Extravaganza. The market is in Kutztown, PA and is wonderful place to find some really unique things. They have these "extravaganzas" every April, June, and September and have regular flea markets every week. This was our first time going and am looking forward to returning in June or September for the next one. We spent about 5 hours looking around and found some great deals. I've been very interested in objects with Saints and other religious figures on, and was thrilled to find these:

I can't to get a chance to use these charms soon! While I was adding to that collection, Kinsey started a new collection for himself....belt buckles. He found this one for only $5:

We also found some really nice vintage fabrics at a lot of different stands. One woman had probably hundreds of different prints and trims for sale. It was difficult not to buy them all...but we settled on these four:

I already used the green and white flower print on a clutch I made today. I'm looking forward to using the brown flower print for a little quilt I'm planning to make myself. I also believe I may have unintentionally started another new collection. I've been buying a lot of aprons recently. I've been buying them with intentions to cut them up and use the fabric, but I can't seem to bring myself do cut them. So I think I'm just collecting old aprons now. I bought three vintage ones at the flea market that I will post photos of them tomorrow. They're gorgeous!

Look for two brand new clutches to be listed in our shop today!


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ei! kumpel said...

those fabrics are really amazing!! how lucky are you? :)