Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Land of Huge Trees...

As you know, this past weekend we headed down south to Richmond for the Spring Bada Bing show. We were fortunate enough to be able to make it a long weekend trip and got to spend Friday through Sunday enjoying the beautiful and warm Virginia weather. On Saturday morning we got up early and headed out to find a nice place to have some breakfast (the breakfast at the hotel we were staying at was anything but desirable). We came across a nice little place called Cafe Gutenberg ( It turned out to be a great airy place that served food, coffee, wine, and sold books. I choose to go with the Asparagus & Scrambled Egg Panini and hashbrown and Kinsey went with the Sweet Ricotta & Candied Orange Crepes. Both were very delicious! After breakfast (or more like brunch, I suppose), we found this great park area called Maymont. If you're from Richmond or have been here, then you know how beautiful the area is.

Here's a photo of the mansion that the Dooleys, who lived on this property between 1893 and 1925, had built:

The entire area is filled with huge trees, Italian and Japanese gardens, a waterfall, ponds, a wildlife area, and a lot more. We explored as much as we could, but still couldn't see everything in the hours we were there. One of the best things I saw was right when I was walking out of the bathroom. This gorgeous, gigantic tree caught my attention immediately:

Here's me walking to another great tree:

This was definitely an inspiring place for us to visit! We took tons of pictures for inspiration and are exciting to get back into the crafting mode again! Look for a massive update later today and keep your eyes out for new designs (especially ones in my "forest floor" series in the next week!

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BabyLyons said...

what beautiful trees! I'd love to give that mansion a walk through, looks really cool :)