Monday, June 9, 2008

Fabric and Embroidery Steals

One of the many, many great things about spring and summer is yard sales. Kinsey and I love going and finding amazing things. This past Friday was a certain neighborhood sale that we'd been to the previous year. There is one house in particular that always seems to have loads and loads of fabric for sale. We were able to find the house again and it definitely didn't disappoint! Most of the fabric was a mere 25 cents a yard! Here are my two favorite prints....lucky for me they both are 4 yards a piece!

Here is my stack of fabrics....everything was under $9!

Last year when I went here, I hesistated a little and didn't buy a ton of fabric. This time I knew to stock up, so I ended up buying just about everything that seemed like it was something I could use!

In addition to the great fabric selections, the sale had a lot of old linens and embroidery......another one of my interests! I picked up two beautiful tea towels. One has old covered bridges on and the other has flour and sugar tins. I also got this very interesting piece of embroidery. I looks like an old children book illustration:

I also picked up these piece of embroidery. One is a long piece, possibly a place mat or dresser cloth. Two handkerchiefs were also included in the set. All three features beautiful hand embroidery of people, houses, and flowers. I love the illustrations on these linens. Here's a photo of a handkerchief:

Kinsey added to his belt buckle collection with this find:

All in all, it was quite a good day for yard sale finds. You never know what you can find.

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