Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer in Pennsylvania

So we're in the middle of summer and surrounded by the sights and smells of warm days. Of course, if you've been reading our blog, you already know that Kinsey and I are big fans of growing food. For the past two weeks, we have been harvesting a pretty steady supply of cucumbers and peppers.

Here's a photo of one of our Bush cucumber plants. They grow to be about four inches or longer and are perfect for making into pickles. I haven't done any yet this year, but plan on making a few batches a little later in the season. These plants are very fast growing. We harvested our first cucumber in less than 30 days.

Here's a photo of our hungarian yellow wax peppers. We planted six plants and they really know how to produce! We've been harvesting many, many peppers from them. They tend to have a pretty hot flavor, (although I have a low heat tolerance, so it may not be that hot), but they seem to be pretty good thrown in anything like eggs, stir-frys, salads, and such.

Aside from gardening, we recently went and picked some really beautiful wildflowers at a local farm. Here's some photos to share.

This is my favorite photo Kinsey took of us in the wildflower patch. I don't know what it is, but I really like the composition.

Two smaller arrangements on the living room windowsill.

Cutting some flowers.

Aside from all the activities outdoors, we have been making many things! Here's one of my newest felt pins, which is inspired by my current obsession with making clutches with little forest scenes on.

Well, that's all for now. Keep checking the shop for new items to be added!

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