Friday, October 17, 2008

New Felt Pins in Shop!

Just wanted to do a quick post and show off some new pins I've been working on and listing lately.

First in the category of food......

The Carrot!

I did a variation of this pin a while ago and loved the outcome. I really like the leafy part on the top of the carrot. Definitely one of my all time favorite veggies!

The Apple!

My favorite pin I've done has been the red apple pin. Now that it's autumn and apples are surrounding me at every turn (see previous post for exactly what I mean by this!), I decided to do a bright green apple. Turned out beautifully, wouldn't you agree?

Second, in the category of nature....

Growing Sprouts!

This is probably my most popular design at the past couple craft shows I've done. The perfect pin for any gardner!

Winter Trees!

This one definitely has a winter vibe to it. It's the only one mentioned that has not been listed in our etsy shop. It will make its appearence very soon!

Well hope you've like this little ode to felt pins! Lots new in our shop today, check it out if you have the chance! Have a great weekend!



oriental banana said...

what cute pins! my fav is the apple one.

Pfeiffer Photos said...

Very folksy! I like those winter trees best.