Monday, October 6, 2008

Maine, Maine, Maine

Our recent trip to Maine was very inspiring for us, especially in terms of crafting! If you've never been to Maine, I highly reccommend making a trip there. It's a beautiful state and the rocky coastlines are amazing. On our most recent trip, we spent time around Portland, visited various parks along the coast, and of course ate the best lobster roll in the area. Here's some photos from our trip:

This is the house that we're planning to buy. Well, at least the house we would like to buy. It's in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and is part of the Strawbery Banke area, which is the oldest neighborhood in New Hampshire. And it's actually for sale! It's from the 1700s, so I imagine the price to be quite high, but it's a gorgeous house!

Here in the best lobster roll in the Portland area. It was delicious and the size of the pieces of lobster were gigantic! We ate these at a place called Two Lights Lobster Shack, which is located in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. There's a ton of picnic tables outside which is right by the rocky coast. A perfect way to enjoy a local treat and the amazing scenery! Sadly, we only made it here one day for the lobster rolls, but we plan on going back the next time we're in Maine.

This is the Portland Head Light, which is the most photographed lighthouse.

Here's another lighthouse we visited, although I can't remember the name. The walk out to the lighthouse was really pretty because the walkway was made of granite rocks all put together. Here's a close up of the walkway.

This was at a little beach we found next to Southern Maine Community College. I love the red/orange color of the rock.

Of course, being in New England and at the coast, you're never at a loss to see boats. Here was my favorite boat I saw.

Well that's all for now. Check back tomorrow to see some new projects we're working on!


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