Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A little bit from our past weekend....

This past Monday (in case you didn't know by now, our "weekend" is Monday and Tuesday!) we took a trip to the Baltimore Ikea. We went not really having any big purchases in mind, just a few small items and maybe just to look around. We've both been really liking one chair in particular the past couple of trips to Ikea. The "Poang" model. This chair has been around for a while and at first neither of us were really crazy about it. It just looked, well sort of uncomfortable. One day, we sat in it and realized we were wrong. Very wrong actually. It's quite comfortable and actually has a nice shape. So we ended up finally buying one. We opted for the straight black one and hope to make our own slipcover for it. An extra $89 for a green cover didn't seem like a bargain when this one was just $28. I didn't have a chance to take a picture of ours (it's rather dark right now) but here's the one from the Ikea website. Ours is just like this one, except our wood finish is more brown.

This past Christmas, Kinsey's parents gave us a really nice down comforter. We hadn't used it yet, because we haven't had a chance to make a proper duvet cover for it. We found two really nice covers for only $12 each. One is a light blue with circles, and the other is a green and white pattern. This one is on our bed now:

Kinsey's bread of the week was Challah. Here's a before and after shot. This was my favorite bread to date that he's made!

So good!

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Kate said...

I saw some of your pieces at Midtown Scholar this afternoon! Beautiful stuff!