Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Series Debut....and Bread

I'll be listing my first in my new series of embroidered wall art today. Here's a look at my first finished one:

And a close up of some embroidery stitching:

I'm really excited about these. Like I said before, the new designs were inspired by an old collage I did years ago. I'll have to try and track that artwork down and take a photo to share. I really like the idea of capturing a person in nature. I'm tending to focus on the same type of silhouette for the girls-windswept hair, angular shoulders, thin waist, and an A-line skirt/dress. I enjoy being able to play around with different fabric prints and textures and then incorporating embroidery stitches in random places throughout. I really like the layered look of the ones I've been doing in the past few days.....however this first one isn't too layered. Hopefully, I'll have the other ones up and listed soon....mabe tomorrow morning when the light is right!

Yesterday, Kinsey continued his new pursuit in the art of bread making. This time he decided to make french baguettes. The final results were wonderful!

Here are the mini loaves on our pizza peel getting readying for their trip in the oven.

The warm, soft, delicious inside of the bread. I think I ate most of a loaf myself when they first came out....they were smaller loaves though!

A small pile of amazing baguettes....and a half eaten one!


Southern Belle said...

The bread looks yummy!

Katy @ Pie Bird said...

Wow! I found my way over here from the Etsy forums - love the blog... and all the bread :) Now following - thanks!

milkmoneyshop said...

Oooooh I love the sun in your piece!