Wednesday, November 3, 2010's cold in here

It's been pretty chilly here the past couple days. Really chilly. Our house was built in the early 30's and can get a little drafty in cooler weather. To help prevent the chill we've been feeling the past few mornings and nights, we decided to do a little winterizing.

One of the things we did was putting plastic up over windows. I've never really did this before and always thought it looked sort of bad. Often, I'd see houses with plastic all wrinkled and really didn't like the appearance. So I had doubts.

We picked up a few packs of these at Home Depot for very little. It includes everything except obviously the hair dryer.

Essentially, you just put double side tape around the window, stretch plastic over, and then blow dry. We did the four downstairs living room windows. Our first one was really bad, our second one was semi-bad, and by our third window, it finally clicked. We figured out how to hold it taut enough and attach it so it didn't show all sorts of wrinkles. It actually looks like nothing is there practically.

Practically invisible! Hopefully, it keeps the cool air out!

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Hilary said...

We bought the same plastic pack! Except a different size.