Thursday, November 18, 2010

How I Spent Last Weekend...or How I Learned to Love Pinking Shears

This past weekend was the local Christmas craft show that a neighboring gallery puts on each year. So of course I spent my days off before the show sewing and embroidering like crazy. This was my first show where I've had my fabric owls for sale and overall they got a really great response and I sold more than I thought I would there.
I also came up with my new Christmas ornament of the year.  I recently re-discovered my fabric pinking shears and crafted this state badge ornament.  The design of course is based off my "My Heart's In Pennsylvania" series that includes magnets and pins.  I love being able to layer the felts and the texture that the pinking shears gave the final ornament.  I especially love this wood grain fabric one and called it "Penn's Woods".

Here was a scene I saw much of while making them. 

I hate to admit, but this massive pile is just round one of my PA ornaments.  I made at least double this the very next day.  I just like to make sure I have enough.

The show was very, very successful!  Thanks to everyone who came out.  With the last craft show of my year over with, now I can focus on making Christmas gifts and my two upcoming art shows.  One will be a collective with Kinsey and an employee at the bookstore and the other will be my first solo show.  Very excited about this!  I'll have more details about both soon!

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